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Where to buy buckwheat pillow: How to Pick the Right One for You

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Buckwheat pillows are filled with hulls of buckwheat seeds, which conform to the shape of the head and neck. They have become increasingly popular due to their unique support and comfort qualities.

For those interested in buying, what is the best buckwheat pillow to buy? We've evaluated several buckwheat pillows to identify how to find the best one that fits your need.

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Buying Guide

When choosing a buckwheat pillow, it's important to consider several key features to ensure you get the best possible product for your needs.

Size and Shape

Firstly, we look at the size and shape of the pillow. You'll want to select one that fits your sleeping habits and bed size.

  • Standard: For single sleepers on a twin or full-sized bed.
  • Queen: Ideal for people who sleep on a queen-sized bed.
  • King: Best for a king-sized bed or for those who need more support.

Buckwheat Hull Quality

Next, focus on the buckwheat hull quality, which significantly impacts firmness, comfort and longevity.

  • Organic: Less likely to contain pesticides and chemicals.
  • Roasted Buckwheat Hulls: Roasting ensures hulls are clean and free of dust.
Buckwheat hulls

Firmness and Adjustability

Buckwheat pillows are known for their adjustable firmness.

  • Zippered Case: Allows you to add or remove hulls to adjust the firmness.
  • Extra Hulls: Some pillows come with additional hulls for customization.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability and ease of maintenance will affect your overall satisfaction.

  • Durable Cover Material: Look for high-quality cotton or linen for longevity.
  • Washability: A removable and washable cover is crucial for hygiene.

Comfort and Support

The core purpose of a buckwheat pillow is to provide proper support to your neck and spine.

  • Contours to Shape: A good pillow molds to the shape of your head and neck.
  • Breathability: Buckwheat hulls allow air circulation, keeping you cool.

Buckwheat Pillow Brands

When selecting the ideal buckwheat pillow, we consider several reputable brands known for their quality and customer satisfaction.

Hullo offers a wide range of sizes and provides pillows filled with organic buckwheat hulls. Their pillows are well-regarded for their durability and support.

Beans72 is another brand we recognize for their traditional Japanese approach to buckwheat pillows. They use American-grown, organic buckwheat hulls and offer a variety of sizes.

ComfySleep: Manufactured by ComfyComfy, these pillows stand out due to their customizable fill system. Users can add or remove hulls to adjust to their comfort level.

Qbedding: Qbedding provides an option that includes a pillowcase alongside their buckwheat pillows. The brand has a solid reputation for manufacturing pillows that maintain shape over time.

Below is a summarized comparison:

BrandOrganic HullsCustomizable FillAdditional Features
HulloYesYesDurable, Various Sizes
Beans72YesNoAir Cleaned, Traditional Design
ComfySleepYesYesOrganic Cotton Casing
QbeddingNoNoIncludes Pillowcase

How Much is Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows vary in price based on size, quality, and brand.

On average, we can expect to pay between $50 to $100 for a high-quality buckwheat pillow.

Below is a breakdown of typical price ranges according to sizes:

  • Standard: These typically range from $50 to $70.
  • Queen: Generally, these are found between $60 to $80.
  • King: The larger king-size pillows can range from $70 to $100.
Types of Buckwheat PillowsPrice Range
Organic Buckwheat Pillow$60 - $100
Regular Buckwheat Pillow$50 - $90
Buckwheat Pillow with Additional Features (e.g., infused with herbs)$70 - $120

To ensure you get the best value for your money:

  • Research: Check multiple retailers and brands to compare prices and quality.
  • Read Reviews: Look at customer feedback to gauge the longevity and comfort of the pillow.
  • Check for Certifications: Certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) indicate a higher standard which might be reflected in the price.

In addition, consider the potential additional costs for pillowcases or replacement hulls. It's important to calculate these into the overall investment in your buckwheat pillow.

Where to Buy Buckwheat Pillow

When in search of a buckwheat pillow, we have several options to consider. One can easily find these pillows both in stores and online.

Major retailers, such as Amazon, and Walmart, offer a selection of buckwheat pillows that cater to a range of preferences and price points.

For those who prefer to shop online:

  • Amazon: A vast range of brands and prices, with customer reviews to help us decide.
  • Walmart: Both online and in physical stores, often with the option to pick up in-store if available.

Additionally, specialty stores such as:

  • Hullo: Offers high-quality, made-in-the-USA buckwheat pillows with organic cotton cases.
  • ComfyComfy: Provides handcrafted buckwheat pillows made from organic materials.

Local shops sometimes carry buckwheat pillows, too, as they are known for their supportive qualities. For those who prefer shopping in physical stores:

  • Check out local organic markets or specialty bedding stores.
  • Health-focused shops may offer a selection of eco-friendly and natural bedding products like buckwheat pillows.

Top Buckwheat Pillows From Amazon

We've tested through several buckwheat pillows from Amazon to curate a list of the best options available. This list can help you can find the ideal match for your personal sleep preferences.

Disclaimer: This blog post includes Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you.

Suzile Buckwheat Pillows ($49.99 USD)

Suzile Buckwheat Pillows


  • Customizable firmness levels offer personalized neck support
  • Excellent air circulation keeps the pillow cool throughout the night
  • Dual-pack provides excellent value, perfect for outfitting multiple beds or gifting


  • The rustling sound of buckwheat hulls might disturb light sleepers
  • May have a distinct earthy scent from the natural buckwheat hulls
  • Not as plush as traditional down or memory foam pillows, which could be an adjustment for some

Suzile Buckwheat Pillows kept us cool and comfortable throughout the night. The 100% cotton cover felt soft and breathable. The buckwheat hulls allowed air to flow freely, making them ideal for those who overheat at night.

The adjustable height feature was impressive. We were able to customize the pillow to our individual preferences by adding or removing buckwheat hulls. This adaptability helped us wake up feeling relaxed and without neck stiffness.

PineTales Travel Pillow ($59.99 USD)

PineTales Travel Pillow


  • Fully adjustable firmness to suit individual comfort
  • Soft designer bamboo pillowcase enhances the sleep experience
  • Organic buckwheat hulls provide a natural, refreshing scent


  • Smaller size may not be suitable for those used to larger pillows
  • Filling can be noisy for those unaccustomed to buckwheat pillows
  • Travel size might require purchasing a larger version for home use

The PineTales Buckwheat Pillow is a comfortable and adjustable pillow. The organic buckwheat hulls conform to the head and neck, providing support. The YKK zipper allows you to adjust the fill to your desired comfort level.

The bamboo rayon pillowcase is soft and luxurious, and it helps to regulate temperature. The pillowcase is machine-washable, so you don't have to buy additional covers.

Overall, the PineTales Buckwheat Pillow is a great option for people who want a comfortable and adjustable pillow.

LOFE Buckwheat Pillow ($57.99 USD)

LOFE Buckwheat Pillow


  • Customizable comfort due to the adjustable height
  • Maintains coolness, adding to sleep quality
  • Provides robust support conducive to relaxation


  • Noticeable rustling sound when moving
  • Distinct buckwheat scent might not appeal to all
  • Heavier than typical pillows, which could be a concern for some

Cradling my head on the LOFE Buckwheat Pillow, I could instantly feel the difference in support. The proprietary use of buckwheat hulls not only meant the pillow stayed cool throughout the night but also held its shape.

With the convenient chance to adjust the filling, customizing the pillow to the desired height was a breeze. The firmness is something that may take a night or two to get used to, but it's well worth it.

While I appreciated the outstanding cervical support, the pillow's weight and the rustling sound when shifting might require an adjustment period.

USlixury Buckwheat Pillow ($38.99 USD)

USlixury Buckwheat Pillow


  • Customizable firmness for tailored neck support
  • Keeps the head cool throughout the night
  • Organic cotton cover is soft and machine washable


  • Might be too firm for some sleepers
  • Buckwheat hull noise could be bothersome
  • Limited size options available

Resting our heads on the USlixury Buckwheat Pillow, the first thing we've appreciated is the ability to personalize the pillow's firmness.

We also found that the pillow actively prevents heat from getting trapped, maintaining a cool surface for a serene sleep.

The organic cotton cover is a luxurious touch and simplifies maintenance. The soft texture has added a delightful layer of comfort to our sleep experience.

On the flip side, like other buckwheat pillows, we understand that some might find the pillow too firm. It can take a few nights to get used to the distinct feel of buckwheat.

Sweet Slumber Buckwheat Pillow ($38.99 USD)

Sweet Slumber Buckwheat Pillow


  • Offers tailored neck and head support
  • Adapts easily to your preferred sleep position
  • Cover can be removed and cleaned efficiently


  • Hulls may have a noise that requires getting used to
  • Might feel too firm for those used to soft pillows
  • Limited cushioning may not suit everybody's taste

The Sweet Slumber Buckwheat Pillow provides superior support and comfort. The buckwheat hulls adjust seamlessly to the unique contour of the neck and head, providing excellent alignment.

The pillow is also chemical-free and organic, which promotes a cool and comfortable sleep.

Zen CHI Organic Buckwheat Pillow ($47.95 USD)

Zen CHI Organic Buckwheat Pillow


  • Encourages proper spinal alignment
  • Natural cooling avoids overheating
  • Customizable fill to adjust firmness


  • Not silent - the hulls may rustle
  • Initial natural scent may be noticeable
  • Might be heavy for some preferences

This pillow's natural cooling effect is a standout feature, especially for those of us who tend to overheat during sleep.

The ability to add or remove hulls can't be overstated, as it allows us fine control over the pillow's loft and firmness.

Weight-wise, it's heavier than conventional pillows, something to consider if you prefer a lighter pillow for ease of movement.

Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow ($97.30 USD)

Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow


  • Organic materials ensure a natural sleep experience, free from synthetic irritants
  • Adjustability in loft provides personalized neck and head support
  • Exceptional breathability thanks to the buckwheat hulls, making it ideal for hot sleepers


  • Heft and weight may be surprising to some, potentially challenging to maneuver
  • The firmness can take time to get used to for those accustomed to softer pillows
  • Some users may find the rustling noise of buckwheat hulls atypical and distracting

This Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow is crafted for those who value an organic sleep experience and personalization of their pillows.

It provides distinct support that does not collapse under the weight of the head. The pillow is also easily adjustable by adding or removing organic buckwheat hulls to find the perfect height and firmness.

The natural cooling properties of the buckwheat also help to keep the sleeper cool, which is a relief for those who have struggled with overheating at night.

The organic cotton pillowcase adds a soft touch to the rustic nature of the buckwheat, making for a wholesome sleep environment.

Edomi Buckwheat Pillow ($32.99 USD)

Edomi Buckwheat Pillow


  • Adjusts to the body for tailored support
  • Cooling effect for a more comfortable sleep
  • Versatile for various sleep positions


  • Smaller than standard pillows
  • Requires maintenance like shell removal for washing
  • Initial adjusting period may be needed for some users

The Edomi Buckwheat Pillow provides personalized support and cooling properties.

The fill is adjustable, making it ideal for side and back sleepers. It can also be used as a lumbar support pillow.

The pillow is compact, so it may take some time to adjust to if you are used to a larger pillow.

Maintenance can be difficult as you need to remove the hulls for cleaning.



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